Simon Elrharbi

Simon is the technical expert the company
He received a PhD in microelectronics and he worked from 1990 to 1998 as researcher and technical consultant in both microelectronics industry and academic research.
Then he has acquired a substantial experience (more than 17 years) of RFID, Contactless Smart Card and NFC Technologies.
He first joined STID – Electronic Identification as Technical Leader to design RFID products (Readers and Tags) and BULL CP8 as Microelectronic Silicon expert for providing microelectronic silicon expertise and new technology analysis with reverse engineering vulnerabilities quotation.
He also joined SCHLUMBERGER-SEMA and AXALTO (now Gemalto) as R&D contactless program manager where he had the opportunity to work on various contactless products such as e-passport; e-transport, e-payment smart card and the new NFC emerging technologies. Then he joined the Telecom-ParisTech Institut as research engineer and he participated in various French (ANR) and European (IST) research projects, such as TB6, ESPASSIS, INSPIRED, OMNIPURSE, T2TIT, NFC Container.
He was also ISO/IEC JTC1/SC 17/W8 & WG4 & TF2 member (ISO 7816 & 14443 and ISO 18000 standards) and work as Technical support for Global Platform certification process.
For more than twenty years, he is lecturer in different Engineering Colleges and University, (Telecom-ParisTech, ENSTA, ECE, University of Marne La Vallée, etc.), and gives training sessions and speaks at conferences about Smart Card technologies and RFID, NFC payment and introductory courses on Cryptography.
With EtherTrust, he participates in drawing up implementation of innovative application scenarios dedicated on secure services and based both on “Secure Elements” (SIM card, secure microcontroller, NFC devices, etc.) and on SSL/TLS identity technologies. He also prepares and handles advanced R&D program, call of research projects and construction of consortium with industrial partners and academic members.