Ethertrust Solutions

EtherTrust markets security software for smart cards enabling innovative solutions that drastically strengthen Internet security and consumer privacy, while simplifying End User experience. We secure access to any IP resource thus providing greater security and privacy for Web applications and we enable remote management and update of credentials and applications stored in the smart card. As such, enabling secure communications with IoT devices represents a new and exciting opportunity for EtherTrust.

Ethertrust customers include:

  • Telecommunication operators who need to simplify the user experience for their subscribers while maintain the best security
  • Financial institutions wanting to strengthen their online banking security and prevent phishing attacks
  • Cloud service providers needing to further secure access to their services
  • Security technology suppliers and integrators servicing the above customers, such as vendors of Smart cards, SIM cards, Hardware Tokens.

Use Cases Examples


  • EtherTrust is remotely uploaded in Telco 3G SIM Cards
  • Customers can connect easily to all WEB Services (WebMail, VoD, Online bill, etc.)
  • New services enabler (M2M data upload, OpenID seamless authentication)
  • Phishing risks are eliminated


  • Connection to highly sensitive banking accounts, with EtherTrust enabled USB
  • Provides a faster & easier customer access: no password to remember (PIN optional)
  • Most secure authentication method


  • Connection to online gaming sites through EtherTrust USB Dongle
  • Smart card contains ID information as well as bank account data
  • Automatic ID and age check for gamers
  • Builds customer loyalty
  • Speeds up payments

Physical Security: EtherTrust S/W imbedded into Smart Cards provides more flexibility and service opportunities to:

  • Lock manufacturers, Operators willing to offer flexible and convenient services to all lock’s users.
  • Operators managing entrance rights and authorization (e.g.: Booking Centers, Real Estate, Hotels, access to premises, car rentals).
  • Integrators providing solutions for physical access
  • Individuals willing to grant securely, and remotely access to a room or a building

Storing Credentials in the Cloud

  • EtherTrust Secure Element Server S/W enables the deployment of Secure Elements in the Cloud and their remote life cycle management
  • Facilitates the moving of credentials in the cloud thus eliminating security risks due to stolen devices
  • Leverages NFC, and Host Card Emulation

IoT Security

  • EtherTrust TLS/DTLS stack secures communication between SE enabled sensors, message brokers and private/public cloud applications.