EtherTrust vision is to improve privacy and security of the Internet, including the Internet of  Things (IoT), by enabling through standards compliant software, greater and more creative use of  Secure Elements (supporting Crypto Processors).

We license our SSL/TLS/DTLS technology and Server Software to Security Integrators, hardware vendors, and their customers such as Mobile Operators and Financial institutions. In addition to providing support for our technology, we offer application development services for Secure Element based applications.

EtherTrust is a spin-off from research carried out at major research institutes (Telecom ParisTech) and French Universities (University Paris 6). We won various awards such as the Oseo Anvar (from the French Research and University Ministry) and the SecureTheWeb awards (from Microsoft and Gemalto).

We are based in Paris, France, with offices in Amiens and Aix-en-Provence.

EtherTrust team includes internationally recognized experts. The company is involved in many international research projects such as:

  • The OnDemand FEDER research project that aims at providing physical elements type routers and software elements associated to particular security, QoS and optimization of energy management system.
  • The SecFuNet (Security For Future Networks) European Brazilian project, funded by the Seventh Framework Program (FP7), whose goal is to design and develop a coherent security architecture for virtual networks and cloud accesses.

EtherTrust is a key contributor to the IETF. In fact the company truly believes in the openness and transparency of standards. Open IETF drafts drive the development of our technologies.