Ethertrust at the CES 2016, Las Vegas, USA.

The “Liberate your Security” platform: Leveraging expertise in Mobile Payment to provide ultimate Security for Mobile to IoT Communications.

EtherTrust presents at the CES 2016 an IoT COAP platform secured by a new concept: the double TLS security model. The show case demonstrates a mobile equipped with a SIM card embedding a COAP client, interacting with a lock running a COAP server, and a RACS server hosting a secure element that runs a KeyGenerator application protected by an internal TLS channel.

This double TLS tunneling offers the following security benefits:
-No cloud service administrator can have access to the keys and the encrypted traffic
-Stronger security than traditional disk based HSM where theoretically HSM administrator may gain access stored keys

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Eureka Park Booth 81021
CES 2016