The “Liberate your Security” platform leverages expertise in Mobile Payment to provide ultimate Security for Mobile to IoT Communications.

EtherTrust presents at the CES 2016 an IoT COAP platform secured by a new concept: the double TLS security model.


The show case demonstrates a mobile equipped with a SIM card embedding a COAP client, interacting with a lock running a COAP server, and a RACS server hosting a secure element that runs a KeyGenerator application protected by an internal TLS channel.


This double TLS tunneling offers the following security benefits:
-No cloud service administrator can have access to the keys and the encrypted traffic
-Stronger security than traditional disk based HSM where theoretically HSM administrator may gain access stored keys


Download the flyer of the CES 2016 showcase

A short video of the showcase is here

EtherTrust, booth 81021, Eureka Park

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