Ethertrust is inviting you to visit the must-attend international event bringing together all the players in digital security, smart technologies, payment and contactless. ( 450 international exhibitors from 150 different countries will be present along with 20 000 visitors expected ) :
Cartes & Identification 2011, starting on Tuesday 15 November.

Ethertrust will present you its latest innovations at the booth of the SCS Cluster Village, located in the red zone, hall 3.

The SCS Cluster is a major player in the secured communicating solutions . Among 230 companies and laboratories members of this cluster, 8 companies will be present on its booth of Cartes & Identification 2011 , all targeting fast ramping up markets such as health, tourism, security, logistic, …

During 3 days, EtherTrust will show and demonstrate its innovative solutions to manage ID on the Web without login, without password. The Ethertrust solutions use strong mutual authentication and secure data transfer in an original architecture based upon a n SSL stack, embedded in a secure element ( or indifferently a smart card device ) , used in association with other different software components .

Ethertrust will also display a demonstration using an ” external SIM card ” communicating through an NFC interface to allow a smartphone to securely access the web and related services. This will evidence the benefits of our technology to securely manage user identities on an OpenID server, generating certificates on request and storing it in the SIM card, allowing the user to automatically log in with its generated identity, as well as securing the channel of communication.

Ethertrust is the unique simple and secure trusted way to connect to the Web Services !

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