Personal Network HSM

– Our society is becoming increasingly digital, underscoring the need for securing access, transactions, and data

– Encryption including cryptographic operations, key storage and management are becoming vital components of a digital security infrastructure

-Enterprise needs to store security tokens in the cloud are rapidly extending to individual consumers, beginning with cryptocurrencies account keys.

-Current enterprise solutions include Hardware Security Module (HSM) and Confidential Computing solutions. Although generally satisfactory, these solutions are proprietary, multitenant, expensive to develop and manage.

-Our vision for Ethertrust Personal Network HSM is to enable individuals to have their own cost effective personal on-line secure storage and computing service with the same trust level as the smartcards they carry with them.

-Ethertrust Personal Network HSM, is a secure element-based server, with its native TLS “network” interface.

-Secure elements have the highest security level accreditation for hardware components (EAL6+ common criteria accreditation).

-Software typically written in javacard language enables a rich ecosystem, including open source, for application providers.

-Native network interface and de facto standard for security protocol facilitate the design of comprehensive trust models.

Ethertrust Personal Network HSM, based on open hardware and software, is a game changing solution to secure on-line individual assets.

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