EtherTrust is partner of the FUI PODIUM project

EtherTrust is a partner of the FUI PODIUM project (platform for trusted processing and storage in the mobile cloud), which comprises Thales, EtherTrust, UPMC-LIP6, ANEO, LUCEOR, IGO, SDIS 13

FUI R&D projects are funded by the French government and competitiveness clusters.


The project intends to develop a platform and a secure mobile cloud, which increase the capacity of the mobile terminal by transferring applications in the cloud. The cloud is local (Edge) or even ad hoc, in order to respond to situations where performances, ad hoc capabilities, operational logic require standalone and proximity virtual infrastructure. Security and access control for virtual machines are also addressed by this project.

Using EtherTrust TLS Stack (ETS) for mobile security


Using EtherTrust TLS Stack (ETS) with different form factors for multiple devices